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- Token Vesting

Latest News.

The management of Scefundtoken has pass out the new resolution that will guarantee the Scefundtoken holders to achieve the global digital finance inclusive economic for Sustainable development goal. Everyone should create SFT Delegator Account. The management has finally consider to make Sefundtoken Delegating pool where you can earn for life through decentralized protocol breaker.

- An Introduction

What is SFT Token?

SFT Token powers the Scefundtoken's free market economy to build the World’s First Smart shopping in Web3. Users can use SFT for governance, payment, mining, staking, and investment.

SFT Token is the native and settlement currency of Scefundtoken's free market economy. Not only is it used by every application of the SFT ecosystem (i.e., SFT Shopping Mall), it's also what determines your voting power in the network's decentralized and democratic governance system.

We are a sustainable and decentralized project that distributes wealth where it needs to be in Children's Education and Security Fund. Scefundtoken is a decentralized project that provides the solutions for nonprofits and charities to fundraise organizations to raise more funds, receive funds instantly, and become part of a network of crypto media partners to support our missions.

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The Scefundtoken is built on the Binance Smart Chain with a transparent allocation of supply and functions designed to protect holders.

Supply Allocation

Allocation of SCEFUNDTOKEN, SFT is also a strategy to help SCEFUNDTOKEN, SFT achieve its goal of decentralization and create a community that loves and builds a sustainable ecosystem. 500,000,000 Million token supply would be distributed to the community, by the community users.


Smart Contract Functions

Scefundtoken smart contract has been custom-built to effectively protect the interests of all holders. functions.

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  • Earn income passively by holding SFT

  • Liquidity pool is expanded for stability

  • Generous marketing budget for growth

  • $SFT is burned from circulation to increase value

A modern digital currency that respects your rights

Untraceable Payments

Keep your finances private. With SFT, you can choose to make public transactions or private ones that are completely untraceable. The choice is yours; regardless of your needs, there's a solution for you.

Earn Passive Income

Earn interest in dividend-like payments and support the network by staking your SFT. By staking SFT, you also earn fees generated by the usage of other SFT applications like the Shopping Mall. The more people use SFT, the bigger your rewards become!

Reliability and Up-to-date.

SFT is based on the Ethereum code and is always kept up-to-date with its latest version. Its been improved with many modern-day features not present in the Ethereum code that makes it faster, more private, and more flexible.

Borderless Payments

Financial borders are a thing of the past! SFT lets you make borderless payments that settle in just a few seconds without having to deal with any third-party. Say goodbye to international and remittance fees for good!

Lightning Fast

A scalable and fast architecture ensures you get the reliability you need at any time. SFT transactions are near-instant thanks to the Lightning Network and settle, in full, in a few seconds or minutes.

Community Governance

SFT’s decentralized and democratic governance puts you in control and gives you a real voice. SFT is all you need to moderate the SFT Shopping Mall and vote on important project decisions.


SCEFUNDTOKEN is the first asset-backed, community-driven blockchain project that support Educational Empowerment Gateway (EEG Protocol)

SFT Contract Address

We combine the benefits of Decentralised Finance with the Educational Empowerment Gateway Protocol. Built to solve the most challenging problem in Children's Education and Security Fund.

History will be unkind to those who sit this one out. The dominant elite of the future will be the people that decide to be the leader in artificial intelligence, digital Asset, and decentralized technologies. That is the opportunity ahead.

Think about

The Roadmap

A carefully planned roadmap that spans the initial stages of conceptualisation in October 2021, gradual rollout of the ecosystem and CEX listings by end 2022.

Phase 1

Preparatory Phase

Focus was on attracting seed investment, developing the payments processor and gearing up for launch.

Phase 2

Presale & Launch on DEX

A presale will be conducted on 20th of June, 2022 for a period of 48 hours, followed by the launch on 1st July 2022.

Phase 3

Driving Rapid Adoption

A marketing campaign will be carried out with the goal of attracting at least 20k holders.

Phase 4

SFT Foundation Live

Similar to a Staking, the SFT Foundation will allow the Staking of SFT tokens, liquidity pool creation and farming.

Phase 5

$SFT Audit Live

Alongside the KYC, the $SFT Mixer will serve as an additional layer of anonymity protection.

Phase 6

Exchange Listings

SFT will list on at least 2 centralised exchanges in 2022, placing it within reach of many new investors.

Phase 7

SFT Shopping Mail

SFT will launch it's first crypto shopping mail where SFT can be used as a form of Payment to purchase any product in the mall.


Here are questions frequently asked by the community. To gain a full understanding of the SFT project, we recommend to refer to the White Paper.

The Scefundtoken project was first conceptualized in the middle of 2021. It is a collaborative effort between blockchain and Educational Empowerment Gateway.

SFT Token can be use to buy any product on SFT Shopping Mail or Any SFT Merchant store.

Log in to your Metamask or Trustwallet and click Import Tokens. Paste the SFT contract address: 0x990eb680a8c5a86de6f81e20b5c19d206b53e0a1, token Symbol is SFT and Token Decimals is 18. Then, confirm adding the SFT token; you should be able to see it in your wallet.

There are no purchase or sell limits on PancakeSwap; you can buy or sell as many tokens as you wish. However, every transaction affects the prices, and users need to cover the price change caused by their trade.

The launch on PancakeSwap is scheduled for the 31th of July, at 13:00 UTC. This is when the liquidity will be added to the pair SFT/BNB, and the vested tokens will start to be released.

Of course! We are looking to provide physical cards fully compatible with point-of-sale purchases no later than the 1st quarter of 2023.